The idea behind the Culturemondo network came from a meeting in June 2004 at the Minerva International Digitisation Conference, in Dublin, where a number of individuals from cultural portals met for the first time.

The first Culturemondo meeting took place in Brighton, UK in December 2004 where an International Steering Committee was formed with representatives from Culture.ca (Canada), Kultur.nu (Sweden), Cultuurnet.be (Belgium), culture24.org.uk (previously 24 Hour Museum, UK), Collectionsaustralia.net (Australia) and Culture.fr (France).

Other members have since joined and left the committee.

As a group of people all involved in cultural portal development, we wanted to create a place where we could meet other like-minded people, share ideas and help each other. Despite the fact our portals ranged in size, scope, services and management structure, our on-line spaces all had one thing in common - the drive to engage and excite people with the richness and diversity of culture and the ways that it shapes our lives.