Frank Thinnes (Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, France)
Culturemondo Steering Committee

Living and working across borders ever since he was a child, Frank has become an expert for the cultural cooperation in the “Greater Region” in the heart of western Europe: Luxembourg, France, Belgium and Germany. Since 2005, he has worked for the public cultural agency of Luxembourg.

He designed and manages an international partnership of 9 cultural administrations, which runs the cultural portal of the Greater Region. Together with his regional partners, he implements a strategy of decentralised data collection and multiple channel content dissemination in the challenging context of the Greater Region.

Frank is a graduate art historian (M. A.), cultural manager and specialist for international public cooperation. He studied in France and Germany. Since 1995, he accumulates expert knowledge and operating experience in managing and counselling cooperation projects in the fields of culture, art, education and labour market for public authorities in Germany, France and Luxembourg.




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