Lydia Howland

Head of Human Factors, IDEO

Lydia leads IDEO's Human Factors team in London. Lydia joined IDEO in 2004 and has since worked on a variety of strategic projects for a diverse range of clients in Europe including: a pharmaceuticals company; a baby food producer; a mapping provider; a printing manufacturer; an insurance company; a private bank, and an international hotel group.

As a Human Factors Designer, Lydia's role within a team is to inspire the design team and to gather the most valuable and actionable insights about the user experience through a range of creative methods and techniques. During the synthesis process she is responsible for translating these insights into design principles to guide the strategy, expression and communication phases of IDEO's work. Lydia also has a project leadership role where she is responsible for managing project timelines, resources, budgets and deliverables.

Prior to joining IDEO, Lydia worked at Demos, the independent policy think-tank, where she was involved in a range of research, design and facilitation projects and wrote/edited a series of social policy publications. She has also been published in The Guardian newspaper and Wired magazine.


United Kingdom
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