Japan Roundtable 2005

The first Culturemondo Roundtable entitled "Cultural Portals: New Challenges and Good Practices." It was hosted by the Canada Pavilion at the World Expo 2005 in Japan.

Japan Roundtable participants 2005

The results of the first survey provided the point of departure for the discussions.

Targeted roundtables addressed four significant areas of concern: partnerships, governance, content management, and marketing and audience needs - topics that had been identified as key management issues currently being faced.

Eighteen cultural portals, from all regions of the world, along with UNESCO, participated in the Culturemondo Roundtable. They were diverse in nature, stage of development and scope and represented a mix of public, private, collaborative, national, regional and international cultural portals.

The two days of discussion and networking established the framework for a community of practice committed to shared knowledge, increased participation, distributed responsibility and international collaboration.