6th International Culturemondo Roundtable

6th International Culturemondo Roundtable
“Bringing Practice into Digital Cultural Policy”

Saturday 25th September 2010
Trouwgebouw, Amsterdam

This one-day event took an intensive, practical and user-focussed approach to address the question - How can we ensure that culture and heritage policies are linked to digital policies and strategies?


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Many members of the Culturemondo network have been developing, building and running online cultural services around the world since the early days of portals and websites! The network offers a unique slice of cultural practice that digitally connects people with ideas, culture and heritage. As pioneers in their field they have also been at the forefront of discussions and debates on cultural policy development on local, national, regional and international levels.

The digital shift in which we are living has affected all aspects of our society and the speed of change has been particularly challenging to policy makers, regardless of their sector. Cultural policies are only just beginning to adapt. Digital policies, agendas and strategies that are developed in a cross-sectoral way rarely link with cultural policy development.

Culturemondo recognizes the need to address this challenge and sees a special role in providing the practical know-how in order to facilitate this link and effectively bring practice into policy-making.

10h00 - Welcome & Coffee
10h30 - Introduction Jane Finnis – The Culturemondo Context
11h00 - Panel – “Connecting Policy and Practice”
13h00 - Lunch
14h00 - Crowd Sourcing Problems
15h00 - Open Steering Committee meeting
16h00 - Close & Networking

Jane Finnis, Chairman Culturemondo, Director Culture24
Katherine Watson, Director European Cultural Foundation and LabforCulture

Panellists and Respondents “Connecting Policy and Practice”:
Frank Thinnes, Plurio.net (Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, France)
Sheamus Cassidy, European Commission
Catherine Bunting, Arts Council England
Cathy Brickwood, Virtueel Platform
Mike Edson, Smithsonian
Katelijn Verstraete, Culture360, a project of ASEF, the Asia‐Europe Foundation