Debate 1: Cultural Criticism in the Age of New Journalism

Raymond van den Boogaart

Diana Krabbendam,
Michelle Kasperczak,
Claudine Baudine.

September 22nd, 15:30 to 17.30 at Westerliefde

The adage: “everyone’s a critic” has never before been more true, when independent bloggers and twitterers can radically impact on everything from a Hollywood blockbuster to a local theatre performance. But reviews and cultural commentary have traditionally played a much greater role than simply marketing and promotion in the Arts. And as revenue models of traditional media come under threat, the result has been an ever diminishing space for cultural journalism and criticism.

So what is the impact of changes in the models of journalism on cultural journalism and cultural criticism?". What then is the role for cultural criticism in a society where the tools of cultural production are everywhere? Is this loss of 'cultural criticism' in the media world a big deal, or even a problem? Has cultural criticism found a new space in the shifting media landscape? What is the impact on cultural producers?

This session will be followed immediately by the launch of the publication, Cultural Bloggers Interviewed which is a LabforCulture publication exploring the role of blogging in the cultural sector. Featuring a series of interviews by Annette Wolfsberger with nine renowned bloggers from throughout Europe: including Anne Helmond, Robert Misik, Alek Tarkowski, Marta Peirano and José de Vicente, Alessandro Ludovico and Régine de Batty. Introduced by The Guardian journalist and blogger, Mercedes Bunz, who considers the role blogs take in society.

Klömeplein 4-6

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