Debate 2: Beyond Tourism - Future Directions for Mobile Cultural Content

Floor van Spaendonck

Seb Chan
Jarmo Eskalinen
David Vogt
Gilian Schrofer
Mike Edson

September 23rd, 13.00 to 15.00 Venue to be confirmed

New mobile apps, social gaming, augmented reality have turned the little phone device in your pocket into a digital Swiss Army Knife bursting with information, consumption, production and connection potential.

Are cultural providers, organisations and creators ready to harness this potential and take it to other than short-term commercial and marketing uses? How “culture ready” are the tools and systems? How ready is the public to engage in these ways? And, as the mobile apps space more and more resembles the CDRom era of the early 1990s, how should cultural institutions and providers ensure the same mistakes aren't repeated again?

Panel members will consider the opportunities, the successes and perhaps some failed experiments in the context of outreach and interaction related to major events, collections and artistic projects.

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