Taiwan Roundtable

Thanks to the sponsorship of TELDAP, our last roundtable New Thinking, New Models - digital culture and heritage roundtable was held in the Hua-shan Culture Park in Taipei from 10th - 12th December. The overall theme was ‘How the old feeds the new’ and the event was structured in order to maximise debate, networking and inspiration.

Huashan Culture Park

Speakers included media theorist & net critic Geert Lovink, Joseph Okpaku, Gino Yu, George Oates from Flickr, Seb Chan from Powerhouse Musuem in Syndey and others.

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The focus of the roundtable was on a combination of what we call ‘the basics’ – stuff everyone needs to know, mixed up with some future ideas around mobile and ‘inside out’ collections and included the important aspect of the local perspective form Asia/Pacific.