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Michelle Kasprzak's report on our Amsterdam Roundtable 2010

Blogger and Culturemondo member Michelle Kasprzak has written us a great report on our last Rountable meeting held at Trow in Amsterdam in September 2010. Download it here.

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This was Culturemondo's 6th international roundtable and was held in conjuction with PICNIC, LabforCulture and Virtueel Platform.

The report covers the group panel discussion on “Connecting Policy and Practice” followed by three workshops on 'Crowdsourcing problems'.
- "If National Geographic ran a contemporary art gallery, they would..."
Led by John Newbigin
- "If The Guardian ran a museum or gallery, they would ..." Led by Lydia Howland
Download and read the seperate report 'Float or Dive?' by ArijJan Verboon and Catherine Bunting
- "If IKEA ran a museum, they would ..." Led by Seb Chan

In addition, Michael Edson, from the Smithsonian Instituition, has shared a 'Digital Poilicy Roundtable Roundup' on slideshare.

See the event in pictures on Flickr here.

Debate 3: Open the Vault - New Business Models for culture and heritage

Moderator: Jane Finnis

Charles Leadbeater
Harry Verwaaijen
Soenke Zehle

Walter Amerika

September 24th, 13.00 to 15.00 venue to be confirmed

State-funded cultural projects and institutions are coming under increasing pressure, even in Europe, to diversify their revenue streams and create more 'self-generated income'. At the same time new opportunities are emerging to change age-old practices and embrace new business models. In Cloudculture, Charles Leadbeater wrote that “…building communities of collaboration around shared interests and ideas, … requires very different kinds of leadership and organisation .... Leading international cultural relations in the era of ubiquitous participation, connection and collaboration will require different skills and resources".

But what does this really mean for culture and heritage in the short and longer term? What kinds of public/private partnerships are emerging? How is the role of institutions radically changing? How can the rich reserves of cultural data be tapped for long term societal gain and not simply pillaged for short term outcomes?

Book your place here:

The password for eventbrite is culturemondo2010
Registration closes at 6pm (Uk time) on 16th September.

6th International Culturemondo Roundtable

6th International Culturemondo Roundtable
“Bringing Practice into Digital Cultural Policy”

Saturday 25th September 2010
Trouwgebouw, Amsterdam

This one-day event took an intensive, practical and user-focussed approach to address the question - How can we ensure that culture and heritage policies are linked to digital policies and strategies?


See the list of who attended.

Many members of the Culturemondo network have been developing, building and running online cultural services around the world since the early days of portals and websites! The network offers a unique slice of cultural practice that digitally connects people with ideas, culture and heritage. As pioneers in their field they have also been at the forefront of discussions and debates on cultural policy development on local, national, regional and international levels.

The digital shift in which we are living has affected all aspects of our society and the speed of change has been particularly challenging to policy makers, regardless of their sector. Cultural policies are only just beginning to adapt. Digital policies, agendas and strategies that are developed in a cross-sectoral way rarely link with cultural policy development.

Culturemondo recognizes the need to address this challenge and sees a special role in providing the practical know-how in order to facilitate this link and effectively bring practice into policy-making.

10h00 - Welcome & Coffee
10h30 - Introduction Jane Finnis – The Culturemondo Context
11h00 - Panel – “Connecting Policy and Practice”
13h00 - Lunch
14h00 - Crowd Sourcing Problems
15h00 - Open Steering Committee meeting
16h00 - Close & Networking

Jane Finnis, Chairman Culturemondo, Director Culture24
Katherine Watson, Director European Cultural Foundation and LabforCulture

Panellists and Respondents “Connecting Policy and Practice”:
Frank Thinnes, (Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, France)
Sheamus Cassidy, European Commission
Catherine Bunting, Arts Council England
Cathy Brickwood, Virtueel Platform
Mike Edson, Smithsonian
Katelijn Verstraete, Culture360, a project of ASEF, the Asia‐Europe Foundation

Culturemondo met PICNIC '10

As part of the fabulous PICNIC '10 festival that took place in Amsterdam (September 22nd to 24th), Culturemondo hosted thier 6th International Rountable PLUS ran a series of three unique debates that picked up on the key theme of the festival - 'Redesign the World' and considered it from the perspective of the cultural heritage and arts sector.

Download the Culturemondo Programme


Culturemondo folk who are all developing, building and running online The debates were geared to explore some of the issues that we feel are changing the way we engage our online audiences and develop digital services for them:

- Cultural Criticism in the Age of New Journalism (Wednesday 22nd)
- Beyond Tourism: Future Directions for Mobile Cultural Content (Thursday 23rd)
- Opening the Vault: Cloud Culture and New Business Models (Friday 24th)

Speakers included a mix of international cultural thinkers, policy makers and activists including:

  • Charles Leadbeater (supported by Counterpoint, British Council)
  • Soenke Zehle
  • Walter Amerika
  • Harry Verwaaijen
  • David Vogt
  • Seb Chan
  • Gilian Schrofer
  • Mike Edson
  • Raymond van den Boogaard
  • Diana Krabbendam
  • Michelle Kasperczak.

Following the three workshops was the 6th International Culturemondo Roundtable. This one day event took an intensive, practical and user-focussed approach to connecting practice and policy.

To sign up to receive information about Culturemondo and its events, join the Culturemondo googlegroup.

Supported by:

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The Culturemondo network is supported by:
TELDAP, the Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program.


5th Culturemondo Roundtable in New Zealand November 2009

Thanks to the continued support of TELDAP, Culturemondo, and Te Ara: the encyclopedia of New Zealand hosted the 5th international roundtable in Wellington on Wednesday 25th November 2009.

Te Papa

The roundtable focussed on two major items of discussion:

  • How do we measure the economic and social value of cultural websites? This will raise issues of metrics, evaluation etc.
    Speaker:Seb Chan, Powerhouse Museum
  • A report on the recent survey of sites carried out by Culturemondo.
    What trends, issues and future directions are suggested by the survey?
    Speaker: Jane Finnis, Culture24

Attendance at the roundtable was from a mixture of those running cultural websites and services within New Zealand, plus several international guests from The Netherlands, Taiwan, Australia and Luxembourg.

The roundtable took place the day after New Zealand's National Digital Forum

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