General information about the Culturemondo network.

Culturemondo: An informal international network of cultural professionals

Culturemondo is an open network of international digital cultural specialists who work together to facilitate strategic and relevant knowledge exchange.

We aim to engage, empower and inform digital cultural specialists, no matter where they are from, to become effective facilitators in their own neighbourhood.

Since 2005 we have been meeting each year in different countries to discuss trends and good practice.

2009 Survey and Report Published

The International Steering Committee is pleased to announce the publication of two reports:

First off, there's the Culturemondo 2009 report ‘Five Years On', with many of the insights shared at the 4th International Roundtable in Taipei in 2008, as well as the history and further development of the network itself.

Download the report in pdf format here: Culturemondo 2009 report Five Years On

This is an interesting time in the development of the internet, and for cultural websites in particular: The report aims to give a good grounding in the challenges we face as online cultural sector publishers, and the ways in which we might develop in the future. The report is written by Katherine Watson from Lab for Culture with support and input from our chair Jane Finnis and the International Steering Committee.

There is also a survey of 'cultural portals', 'The Place of Cultural Portals in the context of converging digital culture' conducted and analysed by Aleksandra Uzelac from Culturelink (Croatia). The survey was carried out over the summer of 2009 and key finds have been incorporated into the report above. This survey looks at the working realities of portals around the globe: Their funding, their structure and their development and potential directions for future growth.

Download the survey in pdf format here:The Place of Cultural Portals in the context of converging digital culture

Both make very interesting reading, and shed light on the future direction of Culturemondo itself, as well as the wider context of the operation of cultural portals and the web at large. We'd love to know your thoughts and we're looking forward to some lively discussion on the Google group!

We are also beginning to make plans for the 6th International Roundtable which is due to take place in Europe during Autumn 2010. Please send any ideas and expressions of interest to Jane Finnis (

Recruitment: Culture Mondo Network Asia-Pacific Secretariat

Project Coordinator (Administrative Assistant in TELDAP)

Work Place:
Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan

according to the standard of National Science Council

Work Content:

  1. Coordinate with other staff and deal with special case plans.
  2. Contact and coordinate with office personnel of TELDAP program director and International Collaboration and Promotion sub-project office.
  3. Assist in communicating with foreign delegates.

Qualification and requirement:

  1. Careful and responsible person. Be resistant to compression and excels in communication and coordination.
  2. Having desk work and administrative assistant experience and be able to do independent work. Be familiar with financial procedure and project management is highly preferred.

Inquiry and Contact:
Please email your resume to Charles Chuang ( by 2009/06/15

Google Analytics for the 2008 Survey

Here is a brief guide to finding the Google Analytics information we've asked for on the survey.

For question 31:
From 1st April – 30th June 2008, what was the total number of visitors sessions for your site?

Once you have logged in to Google Analytics, go to the main reports page for your portal.

Select 'date range' in the top right hand corner, and enter 04/01/08 and 06/30/08, then click 'apply'.

The total number of visits will appear below the graph, on the left hand side.


Record this number for the survey, then click on 'Visitors' on the top left hand side of the 'Dashboard' page for question 32:

Of that total number of visitors:

Part 1:
What percentage are new visits?

This is displayed on the main visitors page:

new visitors 600px.jpg

Part 2:
What percentage come from your home country?

Next, click on 'Map Overlay' under the 'Visitors' heading. This will take you to the page below. There are two ways to find the number of visitors from a particular region; either hover the cursor over your country on the map, or look in the list below the map.

visitor location 600px.jpg

The list of countries displays the top ten countries sending visitors to your site. If your home country is not displayed in this list, you can search for it at the bottom of the page:

search for country 600px.jpg

If you are still struggling to find the information you need, or if something is not clear, please contact Ruth Harper, Culturemondo Community Manager, who will be more than happy to help.

web site edittorial FAQ - insert image

step 1. click the insert/edit image button above the textarea and press the "Browse" button in the pop-up window.

step 2. press the "Upload" button in another pop-up window.

step 3. press the "Browse..." button to select file from your computer and press the "Upload" button. then press "Send to BUeditor" button, close this window.

step 4. the HTML tag for the image will display in the BUeditor window. press "OK" if it's ok.

step 5. ohhh...the HTML code is in the textarea. preview it!!

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